In Your Face Pizza Face - A Girls Bully-Busting Book

In Your Face Pizza Face - A Girls Bully-Busting Book


Carly’s got a problem. She’s been friends with Sandra, Liz, and Lauren forever, but now Sandra and Liz have decided to dump Lauren as a friend, and Carly’s stuck in the middle. When she decides to stand up for Lauren, the other girls turn on her as well.

Relational Aggression is a common theme in girl bullying, and Sandra and Liz seem to be experts at dishing it out. They make Carly’s life miserable by using teasing, threats, shunning, and physical bullying in their attempts to ostracize her.

Fortunately, Carly has some good friends, supportive parents, and school employees to help her. By accepting assistance from others and by using her own ingenuity, Carly begins to see an end to the bullying. She also learns the importance of asking for help if she needs it. Most of all, she learns that there’s always a way to solve a bullying problem. There’s always hope.

Boulden Publishing - Career Kids
Grades 3-6

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