Professional Specialties - Careers Video Tour Elementary 1st Edition

Professional Specialties - Careers Video Tour Elementary 1st Edition


THESE KIDS ARE GOING PLACES! Motivate your students with this high interest video series where they will experience real people doing real work. Students will identify with the children in the videos who will lead your class on a fascinating, fast-paced field trip through a rich variety of professions. The professionals interviewed answer questions such as: what should a young person study to have their career? These videos are fun to watch and move at a good pace without an "MTV" video style.

The Professional Specialties video features the following careers:

  • Judge
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Counselor
  • Curator
  • Paralegal
  • College Professor
  • Detective
  • Court Reporter
  • Reporter

Save on this video by purchasing as a part of the complete Elementary Set! Also available in a Middle School Version.

Boulden Publishing - Career Kids
Elementary Age, Run Time: Approx 20 mins, Copyright 1995

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